Wanha Tupa – My Love Story

I was born and raised in an old farmhouse in Ostrobothnia. In my sleeping room I had an
old bed covered with blankets of authentic sheepskin. On the kitchen floor we had long
hand-woven carpets made by my mother. We shared many lovely evening tea moments
together with the family around the farmhouse table. Peace of nature, birdsong and the
soft lawn under my bare feet. The Saturday evening sauna in the courtyard smelled of
fresh birch bath wisks. Many happy childhood memories.

Inspired by the vivid memories I have always longed to return to the surroundings and
experiences of my childhood. I was searching for years, and finally me and my husband
managed to find our old farmhouse – Wanha Tupa. It was love at first sight. We were
blown away by the peaceful ambience found in the courtyard.

As soon as we closed the deal in 2008, we started working on the farmhouse. We spent
the following two years renovating the house tenderly according to old building traditions.
The guiding star during the whole renovation process was that You would be able to come
and spend your vacation here at Wanha Tupa and get to experience what we do:
authentic experiences in the peaceful countryside.

You are very welcome!