Wanha Tupa has both the living space and the atmosphere to arrange different kinds
of parties and events. The main living-room is well-suited for parties, the farmkitchen
area with its long antique wooden table and the beautiful courtyard offer great
opportunities to arrange parties, events and other activities.

Family parties, meetings, special theme days or even weddings are successfully
organized in this idyllic environment. Ask us about different arrangement possibilities.
Our local business-network covers for instance local catering firms. We also help with
event organization and planning.

On request, we can arrange small fishing or boating tours to the sea. Small groups
have of course the possibility to arrange group accommodation at our premises.

Wanha Tupa's idyllic courtyard also houses the 22 metre long building called 
Walssitupa, which is perfectly suited for both company and family events.
Walssitupa's floor space is 130 m2, and it contains 8 beds as well as seats for 80 people.